Beach commission: A circus without a tent

St augustine beach

By Ron Anselmo: St. Augustine, Florida

Having attended the St. Augustine Beach City Commission meeting June 5, regarding the health insurance fiasco, here are a few personal observations.

It was a circus as expected, no animals, but many spectators and a clown or two, lacking only a tent.

The mayor and three commissioners, at least were apologetic, possibly because they were caught and called on the issue — and had their feet held to the fire.

Good politicians.

A great measure of a man’s character and integrity is not what he does in public, but how he conducts himself when no one is looking.

The vice-mayor was unapologetic and championed her (and her husband’s) entitlement to health insurance at the cost of the taxpayers who had no say in the matter the way it was handled.

Against a clear, indisputable majority of her constituents in attendance, she continued to argue and claimed legal entitlement.

Not sure what color the sky is in her world.

You know, sometimes there are things that are legal, but not necessarily right. A wise counselor knows the difference.

Any St. Johns County second-grader, upon seeing candy on the floor while leaving a drug store, knows it is not right to take it without paying.

The second-grader doesn’t need a legal opinion telling him that the candy was not actually on the shelf, and as such, he may have a strong case based upon the doctrine of “finders, keepers.” Second-graders intuitively know right from wrong without a legal opinion. Some of us could learn a thing or two from them.

Full disclosure — I am not a lawyer, but come from two generations of Juris Doctors, three of which are still in the immediate family, so it’s not a “kill all the lawyers” thing.

It’s far deeper than that. It’s a “right or wrong” thing.

A speaker noted that those without embarrassment or shame in an embarrassing or shameful situation exhibit traits of a sociopath. Nail on head, Mr. Reynolds.

Another speaker posited that if commissioners are in fact, city employees, they should be subject to drug testing. Great idea.

There are some days I’d like a break from reality too.

On those days, I’ll have some of what the vice-mayor is on.

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