On 06/10/2017 from 10:00 at 14:00

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The "Rally for Human Rights - Rally against Hate!" will feature expert speakers and information to help you and/or your organization in further educating the community.

For to long we as a community have not stood strong enough or spent the time to educate the community on the real dangers of Female Genital Mutilation, physical and emotional abuse against our children and oppression women within the community, as well as increasing attacks on the gay community under the edicts of Sharia / Islamic law....the most egregious and recent which comes to mind is the Pulse nightclub attack.

Recently (2) separate arrests of Doctors in Detroit area were made due to performing operations to remove the clitoris' of little girls in accordance with Sharia. The fact is, over 513,000 women and children have been damage permanently as a result of FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION according to the EQUALITY NOW report.

We as a community can not stand idly by and allow this hate or abuse to continue. Worse, we can not continue to stand in unity with this hate for lack of knowledge. It is time we get honest, it is time we get a true education on what is driving some in the community to harbor such hate, and finally address the reality; we have a growing minority view creating this destructive chaos in our communities as a whole, and time and again they cite Islamic law for their actions. Isn't it time we learned more about Sharia?

We at ACT for America invite you to join us by standing up for Human Rights and condemning the hate which stems from elements of Sharia. It is Sharia which drives some to abuse the most vulnerable in our community and gives them the misguided belief they not only have a right but duty to oppress and beat women, force Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) on their daughters, wives, and other females under their authority, and commit violence against those in the gay community.

I look forward to talking to you soon and pray you will consider getting involved in some capacity.

The Salem Centre 7235 Bonneval Rd, 32256 Jacksonville FL United States
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