Florida georgia beachesDiscover Northeast Florida is a social network celebrating life in a southern small town in St Augustine Florida. We strive to provide local residents and the surrounding areas, including all of the northeast of Florida, with a quality online resource for news commentary and information. We encourage people to support local businesses, buy local, sustainable products and get involved!  We offer this community directory with the hopes this positive outlet encourages greater civic involvement and closer bonds within our local community and that it will help you to connect with other like minded business owners to nourish and grow your business.

Discover Northeast Florida offers our readers and business professionals original content and a reliable local news sources. We are hometown owned and operated!

Do you have an announcement or story to share?

Getting featured in Discover Northeast Florida is welcomed and easy to do!  We are continually seeking new events, local heroes and talent, new chefs and local cuisine, announcements, products and services from our local businesses.  We welcome anything you want to share to enhance your business, family and our neighbors.  ---  Our goal is to share all the great news of northeast Florida residents.  We want to share the good news of engagements, marriages, new baby arrivals, accomplishments at school and work, promotions, or anything exciting you want to share with the community!

We especially want to provide our community readers with charitable causes and community events.  If you are having a community, company or organization event that you want our readers to see, please let us help you promote it!

Discover Northeast Florida is seeking contributors

If you want to share stories about our community in the northeast, we are seeking bloggers to write articles to post on the Discover Northeast Florida Blog. 

We strive to not only serve Northeast Florida with an online news and entertainment source but to provide our readers and neighbors with an outlet to express themselves here.  Comments, email, and reader submitted material/articles are all encouraged here at Discover Northeast Florida.

We look forward to hearing from you!  

Last edited: 06/12/2017

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